AEW Files For Very Interesting Big Show-Related Trademark

2 years ago by Wrestle Talk

AEW Files For Very Interesting Big Show-Related Trademark

The wrestling world was caught by surprise this month when All Elite Wrestling (AEW) announced the signing of Paul Wight (formerly Big Show in WWE).

Paul Wight will not only be an in-ring performer for AEW, but the former WWE Champion will also serve as a regular commentator on AEW Dark: Elevation alongside Tony Schiavone.

Following on from this new signing, it seems like AEW is planning on having a character that Paul Wight played in a rather well-known film appear in the upcoming AEW video game.

AEW has filed to trademark ‘Captain Insano’ which fans will remember was the name of the character that Paul Wight played during his role in the Waterboy film alongside Adam Sandler.

Video game cartridges and discs; Digital media, namely, pre-recorded DVDs, downloadable audio and video recordings, and CDs featuring and promoting wrestling; Downloadable video game software; Recorded video game software.

Paul Wight is expected to be involved in the segment at AEW Revolution tonight that will see a major free agent debut for the promotion, with names such as Christian, Batista and Kurt Angle being thrown about.

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