Current AEW Stars Refused ‘Crucial’ Randy Orton Angle

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Current AEW Stars Refused ‘Crucial’ Randy Orton Angle WWE

A current AEW star has revealed the original plans for an angle with Randy Orton in WWE and why the plan was rejected.

Although the team of The Revivial (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) would see popularity, against the odds, with Randy Orton, plans could have been very different.

On the FTR with Dax Harwood podcast, the former Scott Dawson, Dax Harwood, spoke of The Revival’s return from a global tour that had taken them away from their respective families for more than a month.

He would recount a call to which he had to say no, saying:

“We were called by the WWE travel services to tell us that we were needed for ‘Raw’ and we lost it.

“We said, ‘absolutely not.’

“They said, ‘Well, right now, the creative [plans are] you guys are coming in and are going to attack Randy, and then ‘NXT’ is going to come in and jump you guys and beat you down.’

“We said, ‘No, absolutely not. We’re not coming in to do that.'”

Harwood would go on to reveal that the story didn’t end with travel services.

He would state that Paul Heyman would call them both.

After explaining their logic, Heyman said it was “crucial” for them to appear on WWE Raw for this attack on Orton.

Harwood wouldn’t back down, outlining his frustration with being given creative plans by the WWE travel team instead of anyone on the creative side of the business.

Heyman would agree to adjust the plans after “acting like he had talked to Vince McMahon”.

Despite all this, Harwood would say he holds no hard feelings toward Heyman.

The Revival would eventually work with Randy Orton for a brief period from August to October 2019.

In the WWE Draft, Orton would be sent to WWE Raw whilst the Revival would be on SmackDown.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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