AEW Star Reveals “Freak Accident” Foot Injury & Recovery Timeline

AEW Star Reveals “Freak Accident” Foot Injury & Recovery Timeline AEW

An AEW star has revealed the injury they sustained at an independent wrestling show and their likely recovery time.

Fuego Del Sol sustained a foot injury at a wrestling show in Sacramento last Sunday in what he describes as a “freak accident”.

In this Twitter post, Fuego states:

“Okay… so last Sunday while in Sacramento a freak accident happened after I hit a drop kick where another guy fell on top of my right foot.

“Initially I thought it was broken, as I got up I felt sharp pain shoot up my foot and realised it was incredibly painful to put any weight on the toe of my foot.

“After assessing the situation I changed some things around and managed to finish the match and when I got back, it had already swollen pretty bad.”

He would then go on to state that he managed to fly and drive home and got it X-rayed where it was discovered he had dislocated his toe and, “unknowingly popped it back in”.

Fuego would also reveal that there a “small fracture at the bottom” of his big toe and he was lucky it wasn’t worse.

He is, on Friday, getting a CAT scan to determine the extent of the damage.

If there is no damage, he anticipates he’ll be out for five to six weeks.

With ligament damage, he states “it could be up to three months.”

He would also share photos showing his injured foot and the X-ray that was taken.

WrestleTalk wishes Fuego Del Sol all the best in his recovery.

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1 year ago by Dave Adamson


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