AEW Full Gear & WWE Crown Jewel To Take Place On Same Day?

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

AEW Full Gear & WWE Crown Jewel To Take Place On Same Day? WWE/AEW

WWE announced the date for their return to Saudi Arabia during last night’s (May 23) WWE Raw show, when it was announced that WWE Crown Jewel will return to Riyadh on November 5.

November 5 is a Saturday, which is the day that AEW tends to run it’s pay-per-views on, with the AEW Full Gear event taking place in November.

On the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer spoke about the show, and how it could take place on the same day as WWE’s Crown Jewel event depending on the scheduling of the UFC or boxing events that weekend.

He said:

“It’s [Crown Jewel] November 5th. Because it’s the weekend that AEW [Full Gear] would normally be on, although it’s a Saturday. But, then again, [Full Gear] would be on a Saturday, but it might be the next weekend. It depends on schedule and things like that. I mean, the AEW November show, the key is that Tony Khan wants to avoid UFC, wants to avoid big boxing, which there often is in November. You can’t avoid college football. You’re going to be against college football, no matter what.

“So, the week of that show could, like last year, it changed, they moved it back a week because there was too much competition on the first week. You know, obviously, pay-per-view night is their biggest money nights of the year and they don’t want to lose 10% because they’re going against something really big, let alone two things really big like they would’ve done last year.

“I guess that the Saudi show, because it’s earlier in the day, it wouldn’t go head-to-head but there is, you know, depending on what UFC does and what boxing does, if they’re going to do a big show say the next Saturday, then we may have a situation where there’s a pay-per-view show in the afternoon from WWE and in the evening from AEW. It’s all to be determined.”

WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows air during the afternoon due to the time zone difference, meaning that the shows will not overlap even if they were to take place on the same day.

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