AEW Having Trademark Issues

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

AEW Having Trademark Issues

According to a report on PWInsider, AEW are having a few issues finalising several of the trademarks they applied for a few months back.

Steven Fernandes reported that the application for ‘All Elite Wrestling’ has been given an initial refusal due to the promotion needing to make some amendments to the claim.

A disclaimer is required to make it clear they are not trying to claim the exclusive rights to the word “wrestling” and they need to pay further fees because they have thus far only paid for nine classes when they classified 13 in the claim.

The applications for ‘AEW’, the AEW logo and the ‘Change The Universe’ slogan have all been given initial refusals as well for similar reasons.

While all of those should be simple enough to take care of, it might not be so simple when it comes to the name of proposed All In sequel All Out, which was another trademark applied for by the promotion.

‘AEW All Out’ was given initial refusal due to two other pending applications using the world All Out. If they are registered then AEW may not be able to register the name for themselves. It is unclear what the other All Out trademarks applied for are actually for.

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