Backstage Issues In AEW Potentially Led To William Regal’s WWE Return

Backstage Issues In AEW Potentially Led To William Regal’s WWE Return AEW

With reports suggesting that William Regal is returning to WWE in a backstage role, more details of his time in AEW have emerged.

Recent reports have suggested that he is in the process of finalising his new deal with WWE and will return in the new year.

Busted Open Radio’s Justin LaBar had suggested that part of the issue was the backstage climate within AEW, going on to suggest that “some in the AEW locker room” weren’t listening to the advice offered by the veteran of the business.

Brian Pillman Jr responded to this to clarify that there were “several” roster members who “spent multiple hours before TV working with Regal and learning from him”, and Pillman didn’t want the narrative to be that no-one was.

Former WWE star EC3 has now commented on the situation and seemingly added context to LaBar’s comments, speaking with Sportskeeda.

During the conversation, EC3 said:

“He’s too valuable to not be in a developmental system.

“And I know we can say ‘oh he’s there mentoring the people in AEW’, the thing is they are not listening.”

He would then contrast the difference between those who did listen and those who didn’t, stating:

“The talent doesn’t listen to veterans for the most part.

“The ones that do are knocking him in the back of the head with brass knuckles and are the World Champion.

“The other ones are doing moves all the way from Dynamite to Rampage to Dark, and nobody cares.”

EC3 would go on to reiterate the value of William Regal in NXT where he could shape future generations for WWE and compared this to what he’d been told about Regal’s impression of AEW from the highest levels:

“The word was he said ‘I immediately regret this decision, there’s very much a maturity issue here within management’. Verbatim.”

It’s believed Regal’s AEW contract expires this month (December 2022), despite the initial belief he’d signed for three years when he debuted in March.

Reports are that he will work for WWE in a “backstage role” when he’s back with the company in the new year.

Regal was released earlier this year by Vince McMahon’s management team before joining AEW, but he was a favorite of Paul Levesque (Triple H), who now runs the wrestling side of the company.

We’ll continue to keep you up to speed with all the updates on Regal’s status.

Transcript via SEScoops

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