Popular AEW Star Reveals Rules For Chopping Fans

Popular AEW Star Reveals Rules For Chopping Fans AEW

A popular AEW star has revealed their rules for hitting their signature chop on fans at meet-and-greet events.

The AEW Women’s World Champion Jamie Hayter has risen to become one of the most popular stars in AEW and boasts a “unique” method of interacting with fans.

At meet-and-greets, whilst most fans would be happy with a selfie and a chat, Hayter is happy to give her fans something extra.

Speaking to RJ City on Hey! (EW), Hayter revealed:

“If you come to a meet-and-greet and you get something, I will give you a chop if you want.

She did, however, explain that it isn’t a requirement of the fan experience with her, adding:

“I don’t force it on people, you can’t do that.”

Hayter brought her hard-hitting style to AEW from her time in Stardom, adding chops and lariats to her arsenal.

RJ City would follow up the comment by joking:

“Don’t you think you’re cheapening the business though?

“You’re a professional wrestler, not someone who gets paid to hit people.”

“What is the worst case scenario, that you pop someone’s blood vessel or that you satisfy a latent fetish?”

Hayter would conclude with a response that got a laugh from the people behind the camera, saying:

“Both. I know my audience.”

Hayter debuted in AEW on the October 23 2019 episode of AEW Dynamite, losing to Britt Baker.

The now-former IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI recently spoke about her interest in working with Jamie Hayter.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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