Top AEW Name Reveals Most Important Aspect Of Modern Wrestling

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

Top AEW Name Reveals Most Important Aspect Of Modern Wrestling AEW

A top WWE name and wrestling veteran has revealed what they believe is the most important aspect of the modern wrestling world.

With a career that has spanned almost four decades and taken in wrestling on a global scale, Jeff Jarrett has pretty much seen it all and currently brings all that experience to AEW as an in-ring talent and Director of Business Development.

Speaking on the recent episode of My World, the WWE Hall of Famer spoke about the abundance of content available and the most important thing in the current landscape, saying:

“You have so much content being made out there that I think finishes in a lot of ways has almost become somewhat of a blur because in any week’s time, the wrestling audience gets to see however many on RAW, Dynamite, Rampage, SmackDown, MLW, Impact, NWA, all the YouTube they want to watch. It goes streaming, broadcast, cable.

“There’s so many finishes being done out there, again it goes back to the basics. A story now is everything.

“It’s the only thing that’s going to resonate with the audience because matches and finishes, there’s too much out there for it to matter.”

Recently, fellow WWE Hall of Famer Brian “Road Dogg” James touched upon the ability of a story to get a wrestler over a top star in his own podcast, using Dominik Mysterio as an example.

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