AEW’s Jim Ross Fires Back At Quitting Talk

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

AEW’s Jim Ross Fires Back At Quitting Talk AEW

With a career spanning almost five decades, Jim Ross has risen up through the ranks and become a veritable authoritative voice of wrestling.

Even though he’s made some of the greatest calls in wrestling history and continues to deliver commentary for AEW to this day, there are those who are asking when “when is JR going to quit?”

Jim Ross has now provided an update on his plans and it’s not good news for the naysayers on social media.

Speaking on the Grilling JR Podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer said:

“I read about it every day. When is JR Going to quit? When is JR going to get off Wednesday, I gotta get off the air.

“Well, you know, I got no timeline on this thing. I know when my agreement with Tony Khan is up.”

As for what comes next for Jim Ross, he went on to state:

“But does that mean I’m not going to continue? No.

“Does that mean that I’m going to, at that point, make the final decision that, hey, this is I’ve had enough, I’m tapping, I want to work less hours, I’m going to work less travel, I’m not going to fly every week, whatever it may be, it’s still to be determined.

“But the older you get, and you don’t pass up on those opportunities.”

Jim Ross has previously addressed the possibility of his retirement, saying he “finish (his contract) and take it from there”.

It had been reported that Jim Ross had signed an 18-month contract in May 2022.

He had stated, in the past, that he would considering signing year-long contracts if the option were available to him.

Transcript from Inside the Ropes.

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