2022 Wrestling Observer Newsletter ‘Wrestler Of The Year’ Winner Crowned

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

2022 Wrestling Observer Newsletter ‘Wrestler Of The Year’ Winner Crowned Hannibal TV/YouTube

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards have been revealed, with the ‘Wrestler of the Year’ for 2022 being crowned.

In the new Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Dave Meltzer revealed the winners based on the top three picks voting system that sees the 1st pick get 5 points, the 2nd getting 3 and the 3rd getting 2.

The Lou Thesz/Ric Flair Award (Wrestler of the Year) was first awarded in 1980 to Harley Race.

The winners are listed below, with the number of first-place votes being shown in parentheses.

1. Jon Moxley (498) 3,101

2. Roman Reigns (232) 2,216

3. Will Ospreay (105) 1,591

4. Kazuchika Okada (39) 679

5. Syuri (34) 551

6. Chris Jericho (37) 439

7. MJF (20) 325

8. CM Punk (19) 203

9. Giulia (17) 199

10. Bryan Danielson 91

An honorable mention went to Sami Zayn who just missed the top ten ranking with 89 votes.

Last year’s winner was Kenny Omega. In 2020, Jon Moxley topped the table.

You can see the winners of the rest of the 2022 WON awards at this link.

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