Former Impact Wrestling Star Praises Investment In AEW Talent

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Former Impact Wrestling Star Praises Investment In AEW Talent AEW

A former Impact Wrestling star has praised Tony Khan’s investment in AEW talent following recent comments over “misreporting” from Dave Meltzer.

Tony Khan had taken issue with Dave Meltzer’s statement that wrestlers still take care of their own car rentals and hotels for overseas trips, but it still their responsibility for domestic.

Addressing the misinformation on Twitter, Khan stated that it may be true of other companies but not for AEW.

He would also state that AEW invests a “huge” amount of money in “very good quality hotel rooms” and “safe transport” as a means of taking care of his roster.

This clarification brought a response from Madison Rayne who replied to Khan’s Tweet saying:

“Speaking from a female perspective, this is so much appreciated.

“Showing up to a hotel where our security team is always nearby, being taken to and from the arenas and having peace of mind that our safety is of the utmost importance speaks to the integrity of AEW leadership 🙌🏼”

Rayne is a former five-time TNA Knockouts Champion and left Impact Wrestling in 2022 to join AEW in August of that year as a coach and wrestler.

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