Popular Star Rules Out Jump From AEW To WWE

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

Popular Star Rules Out Jump From AEW To WWE AEW

It’s not unusual for AEW wrestlers to consider a move to WWE, or vice versa, as contracts come up, but one AEW has made their position clear.

Maki Itoh made her debut in February 2021 and has since featured in the AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament and the Owen Hart Cup.

She has continued to perform for Tokyo Josh Pro-Wrestling and taken other independent bookings.

Recently, she spoke to Steve Fall of WrestlingNewsCo, who asked about her interest in WWE.

Itoh addressed her interest in WWE through her interpreter, who said:

“No, nothing.

“The reason she became this popular is thanks to AEW.

“Whatever happens, even if WWE gives her a cheeky offer from nowhere, she would not accept it and she would stay right beside AEW all the way.”

With Itoh remaining loyal to AEW, she was asked about goals for 2023, with the interpreter explaining:

“In Japan, she wants to get a title belt, obviously.

“She feels maybe a tag team title belt would be really nice, just about now.”

Within AEW, Itoh has a different goal, with the interpreter stating:

“Where for America, she wants to go back to being on AEW television again.

“As you know, there is only so much time available on American TV and you can’t really leave much of an impact due to how much time you get to be on TV.

“She definitely wants to leave a big enough impact to where everyone will remember the name of Maki Itoh.”

Itoh was recently seen on AEW Dark: Elevation in a tag team match with Emi Sakura though was unable to defeat the team of Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir.

Transcript from Fightful.

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