AEW Management Approached Stars After Match “Got Too Aggressive”

AEW Management Approached Stars After Match “Got Too Aggressive” AEW

After a recent AEW match has been analyzed in every minute detail, a new report indicates that at least someone within AEW management also noticed what fans online were speculating.

Upon the airing of the AEW Dark match that took place in Toronto between Athena and Jody Threat, fans took notice.

While notably the hometown star Jody Threat got a massive crowd reaction, leading to Athena appearing to work heel during the match however it was a specific set of moves that caught attention of those online and apparently, backstage as well.

In a new report from Fightful Select, their sources have indicated that both Athena and Jody Threat were approached backstage after the match by AEW management.

With the report stating that the match “got too aggressive for AEW management,” with note that management spoke to both women after the match to check on them.

According to the report, the breakdown in the match occurred after a seemingly routine moment, noting:

“We’re told Jody Threat was a little lost and had asked Athena what was next in the match to get back on track, and then the match devolved into more physicality.”

Sources close to Athena indicate that the match was always going to go in that direction due to Threat being the hometown babyface while it seems others who spoke to Fightful found it unnecessary.

In a refreshing turn of events, reportedly there was no backstage confrontation between the two parties involved and seemingly no ill will betwixt them after the match.

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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