AEW Star Christopher Daniels Achieves Milestone After Match In Japan

AEW Star Christopher Daniels Achieves Milestone After Match In Japan AEW

An AEW star that was recently reinstated after the backstage fracas occurring in Chicago, has achieved a major in-ring milestone.

Celebrating a major milestone on Twitter, AEW star and Head of Talent Relations Christopher Daniels has posted about having worked for yet another major wrestling promotion.

Sharing the impressive list of wrestling companies he has had matches for, Daniels also listed one notable name by no mistake.

The massive list of promotions included WWC, WWF, NWA, Michinoku Pro , IWA, ECW, WCW, Ring of Honor, New Japan , MLW, TNA , Zero-One, AAA, NOAH, CMLL, AEW and now he adds All Japan.

When someone replied regarding an error in listing “WWF” instead of “WWE,” Daniels retorted:

“I worked for them when the E was an F, little bro”

Christopher Daniels has returned to work with All Elite Wrestling after he reportedly saw himself subject to suspension during an initial investigation related to the brawl after AEW All Out.

While there still has been no official statement from the company regarding anyone ever having been suspended, reportedly Daniels is back on the job after having been cleared of any malfeasance in the melee.

Christopher Daniels has had a long and storied career in professional wrestling including both in-ring and backstage roles. Daniels is currently the Head of Talent Relations for All Elite Wrestling.

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