Miro Reacts To CM Punk AEW Controversy

Miro Reacts To CM Punk AEW Controversy AEW

Miro has reacted to the controversy that surrounds fellow star CM Punk as they both gear up for AEW Collision.

With CM Punk returning at AEW Collision on June 17 in Chicago, Punk has once again been making headlines over comments in a recent interview.

Having promised that he won’t know what he’s going to say until he says it on June 17, Punk’s return to AEW is highly anticipated and another returning star has shared his thoughts on Punk.

Miro was interviewed on the Good Karma Wrestling podcast

“I get along with him fine (Miro said about CM Punk). Every time we talk, I feel like we have a mutual respect.

“Yeah, so I’ve never had anything bad, like engaged with him but you know, everybody hears a whole bunch of things.

“But man, if you’re not happy with something, just do whatever you wanna do and then go cry in your mansion.

“I don’t understand, all the lashing out but, everybody’s responsible for their own actions.

“Like I said, I get along with him good. We’ve talked, we had great interactions even though we had two or three of them. But yeah, I don’t care. I look at myself. I don’t look at other people’s plates. That’s what the Bible taught me.

“Don’t look at other people’s plates. Take care of yourself and everybody else, all you can do is just pray for them and whatever happens, happens.”

Miro was last seen in AEW (other than a very brief return a few weeks ago) at All Out in 2022 and also discussed his time away and his upcoming AEW Collision return.

Jamie Hayter has shared her opinion on wrestlers getting opportunities to work with CM Punk.

Transcript from Post Wrestling.

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4 months ago by Dave Adamson


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