MJF Slaps Down ‘Small Circle’ Social Media Drama Reactions

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

MJF Slaps Down ‘Small Circle’ Social Media Drama Reactions AEW

AEW’s MJF has criticized the attempts on social media to “romanticize all the insanity” that goes on in the wrestling world.

Addressing the recent back-and-forth between CM Punk and Jon Moxley, the current AEW World Champion said to the New York Post:

“If you look at social media as a medium, it’s great, but what do you think the percentage of people of social media is to the people watching our show every week?”

The interviewer Joseph Staszewski would reply with “small”, with MJF stating:

“Small is an understatement. It’s bite-sized and I always laugh and I always chuckle when people try to make bigger scenarios than what’s really going on.

“I think it’s awesome that people want to romanticize all the insanity. They want to romanticize, “It’s AEW vs. WWE. It’s CM Punk vs. Jon Moxley.”

“What it is, is chatter and it’s chatter amongst a much smaller circle than people realize. Again, it’s whatever narrative people want to have.”

MJF would conclude by looking at the success of AEW in the eyes of Warner Bros Discovery, saying:

“Mathematically, we’re doing great and Warner Bros. Discovery is freaking out over what we’re doing for them. Their two biggest prospects are the NBA and AEW.”

Wrestlenomics recently reported that the MJF Day episode of AEW Dynamite had seen an increased viewership compared to the past week’s episode.

Quotes from NY Post.

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