AEW Star Refuses To Wrestle For ‘Fickle’ Fans

3 months ago by Dave Adamson

AEW Star Refuses To Wrestle For ‘Fickle’ Fans AEW

In 2022, an AEW star has only wrestled a handful of times and he’s not particularly fussed about fans wanting to see him wrestle more.

Following a brief hiatus from the company, MJF returned in September as part of the Casino Ladder Match at AEW All Out 2022.

In a recent Sports Illustrated interview, MJF addressed fan criticism, saying:

“Wrestling fans get upset with me for not wrestling more.

“I hear, ‘MJF, you should wrestle more.’ F**k you; you wrestle.

“It hurts.

“I’m not a f**king mark loser like Bryan Danielson where I’m feigning [sic] to get in the ring every week because I’m a wrestling hipster nerd.”

He made his focus in the wrestling business clear, stating:

“You know what I care about?

“Making the most amount of money I can in the shortest amount of time possible, and maintaining my mental and physical health.”

His pure disdain of wrestling fans in particular continued, with MJF criticising their fickle nature:

“I’m not going to go out and kill my body for people who are fickle.

“One second, you’re beloved.

“Then you’re hated.

“That shows you how fickle, disgusting and putrid mark wrestling fans are.

“One second, you think MJF is the best thing since sliced bread.

“The next, you want someone to get the belt off me as soon as possible.

“And they don’t even realize it.

“It sickens me.”

MJF won the AEW World Championship, with assistance from William Regal, at AEW Full Fear in November 2022.

He would end his partnership with Regal shortly afterwards.

He would also unveil his own version of the AEW World Championship, christening it the “Big Burberry Belt”.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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