What AEW’s Tony Khan Told Nic Nemeth During Talks Revealed

What AEW’s Tony Khan Told Nic Nemeth During Talks Revealed TNA/AEW

Former WWE star Nic Nemeth (fka Dolph Ziggler) has recalled his previous talks with AEW, revealing what Tony Khan said to him when they were in contact.

Following Nemeth’s WWE departure in September 2013, many fans speculated that the former “Dolph Ziggler” would end up in WWE.

While the popular star previously had talks with the company, he has yet to make his AEW debut.

Speaking on Eyes Up Here, Nemeth noted that Tony Khan previously told him that he’d be able to do anything he wanted in AEW.

Noting that he didn’t initially want to be signed to a promotion, Nemeth noted:

“I talked to Tony a long time ago and he was like, ‘Just so you know, you can do anything you want while you work here.’

“He wants everyone to have a good time and doing the best possible thing. That’s awesome, and a lot of people did think I was going to AEW, and I love a bunch of people in AEW, I love AEW, Tony’s freaking great. I was just weighing my options and figuring out, I didn’t have a plan.

“I’ve got this thing in my head. I wanna go and make a name for myself on the independents. Just to see if I can go outside of this New York bubble …

“I wanna see if I can hang, or be better, or the best everywhere around the world … I just got out of a long term relationship, I’m not looking to get engaged, or engaged to be engaged.”

Nemeth currently appears for TNA Wrestling, NJPW and Lucha Libre AAA, where he holds the AAA Mega Championship.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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