AEW Officially Announces Annual Win/Loss Record Resets

3 years ago by Tempest

AEW Officially Announces Annual Win/Loss Record Resets

AEW has officially announced that they will reset their roster’s win/loss record at the beginning of each calendar year. It appears that their method will be akin to a sports franchise having a new win/loss record at the start of each season.

All Elite Wrestling tweeted the following on December 26:

“New 2020 annual records will begin on #AEWDynamite this Wednesday, January 1. Career #AEW records will be cumulative, and the annual records will reset each calendar year. The annual records will be increasingly important in the rankings as the new calendar year continues.”

It seems like AEW wrestlers will have one record for their overall win/loss record and one for their yearly record. Similar to how they currently have one for their overall record and one for their singles record. It is still unclear how much each will be taken into consideration going forward but they appear keen on putting the emphasis on a performer’s yearly record.

It is also unclear whether this will have any effect on the current rankings as Jon Moxley and Kris Statlander finished 2019 as the number one contenders for the AEW World Championship and the AEW Women’s Championship respectively.

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