Update On Potential Rule Change In Oklahoma Considered For AEW Star

Update On Potential Rule Change In Oklahoma Considered For AEW Star AEW

A new report has revealed an update provided on a potential rule change in Oklahoma being considered for AEW’s Nyla Rose.

As previously reported, the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission (OSAC) recently ruled that AEW was in violation of their rules in reference to a match featuring Nyla Rose on an ROH episode on December 20, 2023.

It was noted that the OSAC “had no idea as the wrestler had filled his (sic) wrestling license application as a female.” The OSAC sent a warning to All Elite Wrestling about a transgender wrestler competing in the state.

According to public records (via Wrestlenomics), Commission Administrator Jim Miller notified AEW SVP Chris Harrington on January 4 about the warning. The end of the email sent to Harrington reads:

“For your information the Commission is currently in discussion to possibly change this rule. However if it is determined by the Commission that the rule should be changed it will have to go thru [sic] the legislative process for rule-making and would not be in effect until July 2024.”

The OSAC currently have a meeting scheduled for July 10 at the Oklahoma Commons Building. In the automated email response for the OSAC, it indicates that Jim Miller has retired from his position, while Diana Fletcher is now the Commission Administrator.

On Wednesday, May 15, Wrestlenomics reached out to the OSAC. In a response from Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General Mackenzie Hill stated:

 “Ms. Fletcher does not wish to comment at this time on the ongoing matters related to the December 2023 AEW event or the specific rules pertaining to intergender exhibitions or matches.”

“Any actions taken to rules under the jurisdiction of the Commission must be done consistently with timeline and actions prescribed by the Oklahoma Administrative Procedures Act and the Oklahoma Office of Administrative Rules Regulations on Rulemaking.”

“An agenda for the July 10,  2024 public meeting will be made available to the public consistent with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act, which will prescribe the items of business to be discussed/considered by the Commission during that meeting.”

It remains to be seen if the rule will be changed in Oklahoma at the time of this writing.

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