AEW Perceived To ‘Look Down Upon’ Partner Wrestling Company

AEW Perceived To ‘Look Down Upon’ Partner Wrestling Company AEW

AEW partnership with NJPW has led some to believe that Tony Khan’s company ‘looks down upon’ their fellow wrestling promotion.

The comments were made by NJPW owner Takaaki Kidani in a press event that also featured President Hiroshi Tanahashi and Representative Director Hitoshi Matsumoto.

During the press conference, the trio set out NJPW’s plan for the future after six months under the leadership of Tanahashi.

Speaking about the plans to strengthen ties with AEW, Kidani revealed the perception shared by some, saying:

“Having said that, there is the perception that NJPW is treated as a sub-brand or is looked down on by AEW.

“Some of that perception of NJPW being behind comes from the economics at the moment.”

He would go on to discuss the strengths of both companies and how NJPW can offer things that AEW cannot, stating:

“But the truth of the matter is AEW’s strengths and NJPW’s strengths are different.

“From development of talent from scratch, to a historical and traditional perspective, there’s a lot NJPW can offer that AEW cannot.

“So there’s a lot that we can do together and while much of it isn’t something we can discuss right now, there’s a lot we will do.

“But the idea that NJPW is the inferior partner is not correct. We are absolutely on an even footing, and that’s something we’ll prove in the near future.”

Kidani also suggested that other departments in Bushiroad would be involved in the partnership with AEW in the future.

The two partners unite once again to present the third AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door on June 30, 2024, in New York.

In May 2024, Rocky Romero, who works for both companies, shared his belief that AEW could run a show in Japan along with NJPW in comments made to Fightful.

Transcript from NJPW.

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