Here’s Who Pitched Action Andretti Defeating Chris Jericho

Here’s Who Pitched Action Andretti Defeating Chris Jericho AEW

Details have emerged on the original pitch for Action Andretti to defeat Chris Jericho on AEW Dynamite.

On Wednesday’s (December 14) show, Andretti scored an upset victory over the top star, just days after Jericho dropped the ROH World Championship at the Final Battle pay-per-view.

Following the bout, it was officially announced that Action Andretti was All Elite.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that the bout was initially pitched by Chris Jericho in October.

Explaining why the bout took place this week, Meltzer wrote:

“Andretti (Tyler Andretti, 24) was brought in a few times by AEW to do enhancement work on the streaming shows. While watching a match taped for the 10/11 Dark, which took place on the 10/7 Rampage/Battle of the Belts taping in Washington, DC, Jericho saw Andretti lose a match to QT Marshall.

“He that night went to Tony Khan and laid out the angle where he wanted to lose to him and try and make him a star on Dynamite. Khan then secretly signed Andretti at that time to a contract.

“Jericho said he wanted Andretti from that point to be pulled from everything, no matches at all in AEW, nothing streaming.

“He had worked a few streaming enhancement matches in January and another one two days earlier in Washington, DC.

“They both agreed to have it after Jericho lost the ROH title because it would make no sense as a champion who was going to headline a PPV to lose a match to a guy who isn’t going to then get a title match.

“This explains Jericho saying that after the Final Battle match he was moving on from the feud with the Blackpool Combat Club and couldn’t wait for a new direction.”

More details on Andretti’s pre-AEW career can be found right here.

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