AEW Provides “Medical Update” For Awesome Kong After AEW Dark

AEW Provides “Medical Update” For Awesome Kong After AEW Dark

Tonight, AEW premiered AEW Dark Episode 18 on YouTube.  During the show, The Nightmare Collective turned on Awesome Kong.

Mel and Luther attacked Kong.  According to AEW, Awesome Kong has suffered injuries that are now leaving AEW officials unsure of her future in the ring.

Here is the official tweet from AEW:

This is not expected to be a serious injury and is considered part of the storyline.  Could this be the way of AEW writing The Nightmare collective off of TV?

AEW had been receiving a lot of criticism for their booking of the Women’s division. The Nightmare Collective has been one of those angles most deserving of those critical remarks.

It’s hard to argue that it hasn’t gotten over. While we don’t want anything to have happened to Awesome Kong and truly hope this is in fact a kayfabe injury, let’s hope this is a way to end this story.

Stay tuned to WrestleTalk for more information.

4 years ago by Nate


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