AEW Star Targeted For Real-Life Crime Following On-Screen Angle?

1 month ago by Jamie Toolan

AEW Star Targeted For Real-Life Crime Following On-Screen Angle? AEW

While the lines between reality and fiction in wrestling can often be extremely blurred, according to an AEW name a current roster star was targeted for a real-life theft following an on-screen angle on TV.

The angle in question involved Rush and current AEW World Champion MJF in which Max would pay Rush with a briefcase full of money in order to take out his then-rival Bryan Danielson prior to their match at AEW Revolution.

Taking to Twitter to tell the tale, Rush’s on-screen manager Jose The Assistant would reveal some real-life repercussions of the deal between Max and Rush.

Jose tweeted:

MJF gave Rush a briefcase full of money on national Tv and that week people in Mexico were looking to find out where Rush lived to go steal that money.

100% true story.

A fan would respond to Jose, assuming that Jose was suggesting that ‘Mexicans’ were ‘thieves’, which Jose would respond with:

You’re f**king stupid.

First off im Mexican and my name is JOSE.

Second, this is a true story. It doesn’t matter what nationality or race it is, it’s just people trying to steal.

Thankfully it seems that any planned theft did not end up materialising.

This is not the first time that an AEW angle involving MJF has had real-life fallout, with MJF’s notorious comments from the February 8 AEW Dynamite in which he told a story of his high school prom in which he would be involved in a high-speed crash.

In the story MJF stated that following the crash he swapped himself with the unconscious body of the girl in the passenger seat in order for him to avoid the blame.

This incident would reportedly result in the Nassau County Police Department getting calls to report MJF for his kayfabe ‘crime’.

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