AEW Responds To Claim Tony Khan Is ‘Disappointed’ With AEW Negotiations

AEW Responds To Claim Tony Khan Is ‘Disappointed’ With AEW Negotiations AEW

All Elite Wrestling has responded to the claims that Tony Khan is reportedly “disappointed” with AEW negotiations with WBD.

Former Hollywood Reporter editor Matthew Belloni, now of the Puck ‘Mail Room’ Newsletter, revealed that, despite the positivity from Khan, things haven’t been so rosy behind the scenes.

According to Belloni, Zaslav and TNT Sports’ Luis Silberwasser both want to retain AEW on TNT and TBS but Khan himself is “disappointed” by the offer currently on the table for his content.

However, this is not what those close to All Elite Wrestling is claiming following this new report.

According to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, AEW sources stated that the first offer was not disappointing to Tony Khan, but the two sides have not reached an agreement as of yet.

The report notes that the negotiations for both AEW TV and streaming are ongoing with Warner Bros. Discovery and not TNT Sports.

After the original report about Tony Khan being disappointed, it was pointed out by some online that Belloni is longtime friends with WWE CEO Nick Khan and that Belloni has had Khan on his podcast before.

This has led some fans and experts to believe that this report was a planted piece to create a narrative that makes AEW look bad.

WWE met with WBD during their TV rights negotiations for Monday Night Raw, which Tony Khan stated was “part of sports” when asked about it.

The current AEW and WBD deal is believed to expire at the end of 2024 at the time of this writing.

WrestleTalk will provide any further updates on the AEW and WBD negotiations when they become available.

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