AEW Revolution PPV Buy-Rates Revealed

2 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan

AEW Revolution PPV Buy-Rates Revealed AEW

While much of AEW’s booking has had its critics as of late, its safe to say that the reception of the company’s latest major pay-per-view Revolution was very positive.

But as good as the show itself was, was that quality replicated with strong PPV buy-rate figures also?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required) Dave Meltzer ran through the numbers that spelled both positives and negatives for AEW President Tony Khan.

“Late buys were strong, and it’s going to end up along the lines of the last one. It’s actually down 1% on TV buys from the last one. I don’t know the streaming final numbers, I know Europe was down, but probably gonna wind up in the low-mid 130,000s I would say.”

As far as how this figure compares to AEW’s other pay-per-view events in the last year, Meltzer revealed a rather curious trend:

“Interesting thing is that, for the five pay-per-views in the last year, they had 520,000 different individual pay-per-view buyers and about 711,000 pay-per-view buys.

“Which by those two numbers tells you that the vast majority of people only bought one of those five shows.

“Double Or Nothing did over 160,000. But Forbidden Door did about 140,000, All Out did about 140,000, Full Gear did just under 140,000, maybe 137,000, this one’s probably gonna come close to that, maybe 135,000.

“So you look at those numbers and think ‘Ah, it’s the same people buying every time’, but it’s not. It’s different people buying every time, but it always ends up to be around the same number of buys.”

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A peculiar and possibly frustrating statistic for Tony Khan, attracting a wide range of viewers but potentially unable to maintain and build on them.

AEW’s next major PPV is Double or Nothing on May 28, followed fairly quickly by the much-anticipated Forbidden Door 2 on June 25, which was announced this week to be taking place in Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

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