Change Made To AEW Revolution Match

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

Change Made To AEW Revolution Match AEW

A change has seemingly been made to a match that is set for next weekend’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view.

On this week’s Dynamite, Ricky Starks cut a promo challenging Chris Jericho to one more match at Revolution, which Jericho denied.

Jericho told Ricky that he didn’t have a pen to sign the contract, before Starks pulled out a pen of his own to give to Jericho.

After signing the contract and making the match official, it was announced that the stipulation in the contract was that ‘everyone’ was banned from ringside for the match.

AEW uploaded a graphic for the match with this stipulation listed at the top, but the next time the graphic for the match was posted, something was different.

Now, instead of saying that ‘everyone’ would be banned from ringside, it simply states that the Jericho Appreciation Society are banned from ringside.

This has led to a lot of speculation about why the change was made, with fans speculating either Action Andretti or Paul Wight will make the save for Jericho in the match.

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