Ricky Starks And Chris Jericho Open AEW Revolution

3 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

Ricky Starks And Chris Jericho Open AEW Revolution AEW

Was Ricky Starks able to conquer Chris Jericho to kick off AEW’s big pay-per-view, AEW Revolution? Find out!

A hard hitting and exciting match kicked off AEW’s pay-per-view tonight (March 5), AEW Revolution.

Ricky Starks took on Chris Jericho with the Jericho Appreciation Society banned from ringside.

After Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho, things looked dire until Starks was able to counter and turn Jericho into a single leg submission maneuver.

It was then that Sammy Guevara ran out towards the ring however was promptly speared by Action Andretti who was apparently lying in wait to prevent any interruptions.

However with referee Aubrey Edwards distracted, Jericho was able to deploy the dastardly baseball bat Floyd and attempted a Judas Effect however Starks blocked it.

Reversing into an offensive series, he hit a massive Roshambo and picked up the big win via pinfall over Chris Jericho.

Elsewhere on the AEW Revolution Zero Hour, the date and location for AEW Double or Nothing were revealed, there was a trios match with one of the teams getting a big entrance and the rules to the upcoming ‘Final Burial’ match were explained.

You can keep up with all the news from tonight’s pay-per-view AEW Revolution by clicking this link. 

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