Saraya’s AEW Debut Match Praised By WWE Stars

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Saraya’s AEW Debut Match Praised By WWE Stars AEW

After nearly five years away from the ring, Saraya’s return match on AEW Full Gear was arguably one of the most anticipated on the show.

Whilst there were concerns for her in-ring performance, Saraya herself has spoken about being medically cleared and how she felt during the match itself, especially after that first bump.

With the match now in the history books, Saraya has reflected on the support she received from WWE stars after the match took place.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, she said she had received “a ton of support” from AEW and WWE wrestlers, explaining:

“I feel like even WWE isn’t going to stop someone from congratulating someone who did something so incredible like that.

“I mean, that’s an inspiring thing and I just don’t think they would get mad at someone like Bayley or anyone like that.”

Reflecting on her hope that there’s no negativity between her and WWE, Saraya stated that her decision to leave WWE was in the hope of a fresh start.

She felt that Tony Khan could provide that opportunity.

Saraya’s comments on the responses from WWE do suggest that she does have support from her former home, saying:

“It felt really great to have both sides be so supportive.

“When I got backstage after the match, everyone was like, ‘Yay!’ Like, coming up and hugging me and just, it felt really incredible, and then my phone being blown up from all the WWE crew too, it was just really, really nice to see.”

With Saraya seemingly entering the AEW Women’s Championship picture, it looks like the hope for a fresh start may already be paying dividends for the former Paige.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.


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