AEW’s Saraya Explains Story Of How She Got Cleared To Wrestle

AEW’s Saraya Explains Story Of How She Got Cleared To Wrestle AEW

AEW star Saraya has explained the process she went through to get cleared to wrestle for the first time since December 2017.

When Saraya announced her clearance just a few weeks ago, some fans were happy for her, while others decided to magically transform into professional qualified doctors and provide their own diagnoses.

Saraya has been fighting that sentiment on social media for weeks, but on the latest AEW Unrestricted podcast, she’s now outlined the full process of how she got cleared.

She said:

“I feel like I have to clear this up because I feel like the internet just creates their own stories about how I was cleared and who cleared me. The assumptions are strong in the IWC.

“People think I went to multiple different doctors. I went to one doctor.

“AEW Dr Samson, and also Tony Khan. They were like, ‘We can’t let you wrestle until we know you’re 1000% clear’. They did it the right way.

“They were just, ‘We’re not going to let you do anything until then, you can do these physicalities here and there but we can not, in good conscience, let you get in the ring’.

“It’s too much of a liability, right? So, I was like no worries.

“A couple of years ago, I did do X-rays and they were looking good, but I didn’t do MRIs and CT Scans because they’re the parts where you have to look at the nitty-gritty stuff.

“On Halloween, I went to see a doctor in Marina Del Rey, he’s fantastic, he works with NFL players and NBA players. He is so up there as a doctor there that there’s no way he would have cleared me without being 100% ready to go.

“People don’t realise that either, they just think I picked some random off the internet.

“The doctor did the X-ray, everything is looking really good, but he said we had to triple-check, let’s get the MRIs, let’s get the CT scans.

“He got the note written in an hour, I went downstairs in the building, did both of them and he was just, ‘It’s only been five years. You have full fluid around your spinal cord again. That’s the thing that would have paralysed me as I didn’t have that cushion around my spinal cord.

“He asked me how quick do I want to jump back in? I said… I need to be cautious this time, this is my decision.

“Tony and everyone were so accommodating about that, saying, ‘We’ll go at your pace’.

“It’s not that I’m scared to get back into the ring, I’m 100% ready to go, I just want to take it slower so that I don’t make the same mistake again.

“People on the internet are (saying), ‘How is she cleared? She’s going to hurt herself’, and then on the other hand they’re (saying), ‘You don’t want to take a piledriver and a German (suplex), how are you even cleared?

“I’m good not taking a piledriver and a German suplex, I can tell a story. I’ll still be bumping around and doing my thing, there’s just some moves I’m taking out of my repertoire.”

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Saraya was victorious in her return match against Britt Baker at Full Gear on November 19.

She recently said she’ll likely take it easy and stick to about one match per month for now and gradually build it up.

The Interim AEW Women’s World Championship is now held by Jamie Hayter who beat Toni Storm at Full Gear, but Thunder Rosa remains the official AEW Women’s World Champion despite being inactive since August due to injury.

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