AEW Star Hints At Retirement: ‘I Don’t Want To Do It Much Longer’

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

AEW Star Hints At Retirement: ‘I Don’t Want To Do It Much Longer’ AEW

AEW star Shawn Spears has indicated that he’s looking to finish up his wrestling career soon, noting that he doesn’t want to wrestle for much longer.

Spears returned to the ring last week, losing to ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry in singles action on the April 14 edition of Rampage.

This bout marked Spears’ first match since October 2022, when he returned for one match after five months away from the ring.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Spears noted that he has one more goal to complete in wrestling.

Wanting to win a championship in a major company, Spears said:

“I don’t wanna do it much longer not because I am being forced out of it or anything health-wise I am in very good shape.

“I feel like I’ve done a lot. I think I’m pretty level-headed. But I’d like to win a championship.

“I’d like to win championship in a major company and reason being is one of my favorite photos, ever is Jon Huber, Brodie Lee. I think it was his second time as a TNT champion.

He has a photo where he’s holding (the) title and he has his two sons with him. They are just so happy. They’re like, you know, kids are so proud of their parents.

“But the look on his face – to me anyway – is almost like he knew it. He felt that he knows what this moment means to them and to him.

“I’m not jealous of any other man or human being on this planet. I’m very happy with who I am. I’m very what you see is what you get.

“I’m very good, but I’m jealous of that photo. Because he has that beautiful moment with his son and that’s gonna live forever in that photo. It’s gonna live with me forever.

“I want that same thing from me and my son. I want that moment and it would kind of be a nice little period at the end of a 20-plus-year career.

“It would be something that he can hold in his hands and whether he understands it or not. He knows that Daddy did this for so long and Daddy got this.

“‘Okay, so if I want a World Series ring then I have to go do this’ or whatever he wants to do.

“I just want him to know that If you’re willing to work hard enough, you put in enough time there is a prize at the end of the tunnel.

“If you’re willing to go for it and not stop. I just think his kids are gonna grow up to be wonderful men.

“I believe they’re gonna look back and a lot of those photos and they’re gonna be like ‘My dad did it. I can do whatever I want too.’ I know that’s the legacy that he’s gonna leave with them.

“I want to leave something like that with my son. So I don’t know. We all want to be champions. That’s kind of in the mould.

“That’s why we get into this, but more so now that I’ve had him. It’s just a stamp to kind of wrap things up.”

Wardlow is the current TNT Champion, winning the title from Powerhouse Hobbs on the April 19 edition of Dynamite.

Transcription via SEScoops

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