Teased AEW Signing Scrapped Debut Plans Revealed

Teased AEW Signing Scrapped Debut Plans Revealed AEW

A teased AEW signing’s scrapped debut plans have now been revealed courtesy of a new report.

Following mysterious vignettes teasing the debut of a new masked star in AEW, more details are being learned of both the character and the individual underneath the mask.

It was recently reported that the identity of the masked star is former AAA star Aramis, who is set to debut for the company after failing to come to terms on a new deal with the Mexican promotion.

Following this, PWInsider noted that Tony Khan had “personally devised” the new character that has yet to officially debut.

Dave Meltzer discussed the character on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio providing information that reiterates Khan’s push to get the character on TV.

Meltzer revealed that Khan had originally planned the character to debut during AEW’s formative years as a company, with Aramis long-touted to play the masked star. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic those plans were scrapped, only to be picked up recently.

Meltzer explained:

“It’s funny because 4-5 years ago, Tony Khan… He was talking with people and he had an idea for a character which would essentially be a superhero flyer from Mexico.

“He wanted a young guy that had never been in the United States and had signed Aramis at the time for the role, and then things happened… It probably was the pandemic but he couldn’t get him in the country, the contract ran out and Aramis ended up with MLW and it was all forgotten.

“But anyway it’s come full-circle and he’s coming in and doing the role that Tony Khan had envisioned him doing in 2019-2020 when he first started the company.”

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Bodyslam.net reported that Aramis is set to receive a brand new name when debuting for AEW, with the masked star set to play a “hacker type gimmick”.

WrestleTalk will provide further updates on Aramis’ AEW debut plans when they become available.

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