AEW Star Gives Thoughts On Whether Vince McMahon Will Return WWE Creative

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan

AEW Star Gives Thoughts On Whether Vince McMahon Will Return WWE Creative WWE

Former WWE and current AEW star Matt Hardy has offered his thoughts on the possibility that Vince McMahon will return to WWE creative.

McMahon made a shocking return to WWE just days ago, being reinstated as the company’s chairman after announcing his retirement from the company in July 2022.

Since then, his son-in-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque has acted as head of WWE creative.

Speaking on the latest edition of his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy gave his thoughts on whether or not he believed Vince McMahon would return to creative duties in the company:

“I feel like even if Vince is being sincere about that, he won’t be able to control himself like that. If he is back, he is going to put his fingerprints on things. It’s just who he is. It’s absolutely who he is. There was someone, you know, I’ll just say randomly without mentioning names, who said, ‘RAW felt different on Monday.

“I’ve got a feeling Vince may have had his fingerprints on it’, which is interesting. I think if Vince comes back, I think he kind of continues as it is, and then you’ll see a little more influence from Vince, a little more, a little more, a little more, and then it might get back to the point where he’s going, ‘Damn it. This is my show and nobody’s better doing this to me. This is my baby. I’m gonna raise my child and I’m going to see it through.'”

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