AEW Star Breaks Silence To Reveal Contract Status & Plans For Future

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

AEW Star Breaks Silence To Reveal Contract Status & Plans For Future AEW

After previously seemingly ‘quitting’ AEW, one star has just broken their silence regarding their contract status and plans for the future.

Eddie Kingston left AEW to chase ROH gold but was unsuccessful on pay-per-view and has now broken his silence on the loss.

In the clip that aired on ROH Honor Club during tonight’s ROH episode, Eddie Kingston spoke about his loss to Claudio at Supercard of Honor including where he went wrong.

Noting that he wasn’t making excuses but he had been injured since September and assumed he could go into the big bout and just bully Castagnoli however Kingston said he realized, he could not.

Being taken out of his gameplan for the match, Kingston went on to say that Castagnoli “was the better man” and that he “put a whooping on me,” during their match.

Going on to say that he would be requiring surgery, Kingston has a hernia that feels like “someone has two fingers and is pushing on my balls through my stomach,” he reiterated to Claudio, “you did that because you were tougher and more violent.”

Recalling that people had criticized Castagnoli for his lack of aggression in the past, Kingston “believed it like a mark would,” but realized since their bout that it wasn’t true.

Saying that he still is under AEW contract despite doing Ring of Honor as well, Kingston noted that he also no longer uses Twitter because, “no more inside baseball,” however went on to state that he did want to quit however will press on.

Check out Kingston’s full comments in the clip below and let us know what you think!

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