AEW Star Continues To Tease Departure On Social Media

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

AEW Star Continues To Tease Departure On Social Media AEW

One reportedly frustrated AEW star continues to tease a potential departure from the company via cryptic social media posts.

While Andrade El Idolo continues to feature on television (which is more than can be said for others) he is rumored to be unhappy with his booking overall.

Not only does Andrade continue to post using the hashtag #FreeElIdolo, he also has a recent tendency to like some controversial thoughts.

Andrade liked a Tweet that read, “He needs to go back to WWE. (Home)”

When another fan speculating that his departure teases were all a work and referenced MJF in a since deleted Tweet, Andrade responded: Soy EL ÍDOLO ANDRADE NO ESE Niño (“I am Andrade El Idolo, not that child”)

With the premise of his match against Pres10 Vance seemingly booked around the intrigue of whether or not Andrade could really lose the match and be gone, it makes sense from a storyline perspective for Andrade to keep up with these hijinks.

Alternatively, he could be just actually disgruntled and potentially leaving the company.

We’ll have to tune into AEW Rampage to find out on Friday at 10pm EST on TNT to find out!

Andrade frequently finds his name tossed about in conversations about former WWE wrestlers who may be looking to return to WWE.

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