AEW Star Credits Success To Jim Ross

3 months ago by Ryan Coogan

AEW Star Credits Success To Jim Ross AEW

AEW star Ethan Page has said that AEW commentator Jim Ross gave him many of the tools he has needed to succeed in wrestling.

2022 was a good year for Page, who has had a string of professional successes this year, most recently a match against Bryan Danielson on this week’s (December 28) edition of AEW Dynamite.

Speaking to 99.9 The Point, Page credited at least part of that success to Ross, as well as fellow veterans (Sting, Arn Anderson, and Jerry Lynn):

“The older I get, the more I am relating to things that I didn’t understand when I was younger and it’s changing my game a lot and bringing different aspects to my matches. Those three guys, I’ll say Jim Ross too.

“Those four have been a big part in kind of molding me to the performer (I am) for AEW. Whether they know it or not, comments in passing or advice they’ve given or affirmation or reassurance that I’m on the right path or doing the right thing.

“They’ve all been very helpful and integral to my success in the company. Elaborating on Ross’ insight, Page said, “He signed The Rock to his contract. For him to compliment me on Dynamite as much as he does is the greatest because I know the talent that he’s brought to the table. For him to think that I’m one of those potential talents is huge. It definitely motivates me in many aspects.

“He’s a guy that has worded things in a different way or presented things in a different way that has been very eye-opening, helpful, and beneficial to me, especially getting people in the arena to boo me out of the building. He’s definitely a guy that has given me a lot of tools to succeed.”

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