AEW Star Believes She Can Help AEW’s Women’s Division

AEW Star Believes She Can Help AEW’s Women’s Division AEW

AEW’s Women’s division has been a polarising talking point among fans since the company’s inception.

Names like Jamie Hayter, Toni Storm, Britt Baker, Riho and Hikaru Shida sit at the top of the division, but one AEW star who believes she has what it takes to get there is Marina Shafir.

Speaking to Swerve Strickland and Monteasy on the Swerve City podcast, Shafir discussed her next steps in her AEW career, saying that she believes she can help the women’s division and push it to new heights.

She said:

“I’m still formulating that destination for myself. It’s becoming a little more clear. I just never thought…I was so open minded of where I thought this was going to go, and I never thought I would be in this position of being a force to be reckoned with and not something else. This is a real opportunity for me to double down on myself and over dedicate on some things. I know what I’m up against. I turn 35 this year, but I’m in my prime. I’ve had to really double down because I do believe I can help the women’s division and push it in a better direction. In order to do so, I just have to pony the f**k up.

“My pedigree, everything I’ve done up to this point, should matter. I didn’t break my body over and over again to be in this position and be like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s so long ago.’ No. I accomplished some s**t as a young person. I believe I’m in that special percentage of taking certain risks. I was lucky enough to be beside people who took risks on themselves and also understood that it was much bigger than them. Very early on, they weren’t up their own assholes and they were reminded of what important consistently. My s**t matters and I feel what I can offer to the rest of the women’s division is individuality and the chances to you took to learn new things can matter if you don’t understand how to utilize them correctly.

“It should bring the competitiveness back. Why not? F**k all this contrived bulls**t. F**k ‘anybody can wrestle.’ Let’s just do it a little bit. If you’re good at something, say it. Go with that. Really bring the strengths up. You don’t want to go into a fight, ‘Ay, ankle hurts, little f**ked up.’ You’re not going to go into a fight saying, ‘I’m not going to be throwing this jab.’ I try to tell the girls, ‘Listen, I’m going to f**k you up, but it’s us against the men.’ Maybe that’s a concept I don’t understand yet, but I know the real competition isn’t each other, it’s [the men].”

Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley recently heaped praise on Shafir during his recent appearance on Renee Paquette’s The Sessions.

Shafir was in action on last night’s (April 10) episode of AEW Dark: Elevation, teaming with Nyla Rose to defeat the Renegades.

transcription via Fightful

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