AEW Star Hopes Partnership Doesn’t End At ROH Final Battle

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AEW Star Hopes Partnership Doesn’t End At ROH Final Battle ROH

An AEW star hopes his partnership will not split at ROH Final Battle.

Over the spring of 2022, Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland both signed with All Elite Wrestling and organically formed a tag team in a rivalry with Team Taz’s Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Swerve In Our Glory have always had their differences, which has led to various miscommunications in bouts. Despite their issues, they won the AEW World Tag Team Titles until losing them to The Acclaimed at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam.

However, it looked as if their constant dissension came to a head at Full Gear when their problems led to Max Caster and Anthony Bowens retaining the titles.

Speaking on Sports Guys Talking Wrestling, Lee discussed teaming with Swerve to face Shane Taylor and JD Griffey at ROH Final Battle in Texas. He said:

“Whatever trials and/or tribulations may come along with Swerve because he and I are obviously on talking terms, and I think the best way to put it is we working on things.”

“Me, myself, as per usual, attempting to be a patient individual, all I can say is I hope my patience does not run out for the sake of the partnership and for the sake of not getting destroyed by Shane and JD. It’s a balancing act right now.”

“The Limitless One” also discussed his bout against Shane Taylor Promotions, noting that fans will be interested thanks to his former partnership with Taylor. Lee said:

“I feel like we kinda have to put a pencil in that because it was such a sudden ordeal. I don’t know what it is with me trying to entertain interviews on-screen lately, but I can’t seem to even get a word out most of the time.”

“The reality is, with Shane Taylor, I think that that in and of itself is something that people would have been interested in, even years back because we were such a dominant tag team.”

The former NXT Champion would go on to praise Taylor’s tag team partner at Final Battle, JD Griffey, saying:

“The idea of opposition is probably interesting. I don’t think people truly understand how dangerous JD Griffey is, and take it from a person who does Muay Thai and used to do it with.”

“Now I just train on my own. I did not understand that the reason that I was training on my own was because of this, but I have learned.”

“There’s a lot to think about when it comes to those two guys. But in the moment, I feel like I only have to get ready. Knowing them both and knowing how dangerous they both are, all I can do is mentally prepare myself.”

Ring of Honor’s Final Battle 2022 will be this Saturday, December 10 from Arlington, Texas. For the full lineup for the event, click here.

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Transcription via Fightful

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