AEW Star Comments On If Max Caster’s Raps Are Tasteful

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AEW Star Comments On If Max Caster’s Raps Are Tasteful AEW

An AEW star has commented on if Max Caster’s raps are tasteful.

In November 2020, AEW President and CEO Tony Khan announced that Anthony Bowens and Max Caster were signed to five year contracts with the company.

The duo known as The Acclaimed quickly made their mark on the roster with Caster’s pre-match raps becoming wildly popular to the fans. However in 2021, Caster was reportedly suspended after he referenced Simone Biles and the Duke Lacrosse case in a rap.

In 2022, the tag team reached new heights in All Elite Wrestling with their association with Billy Gunn, their “Scissor Me, Daddy Ass” catchphrase and became AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Speaking on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, Anthony Bowens discussed Caster’s raps and mentioned that he appreciates the reaction from the fans when they come out because they want to hear what Max has to say.

Noting how Caster will hit on just about anything, Bowens said:

“I’m grateful to have you know, every time when the siren hits, people lose their minds, because they want to hear what Caster has to say. Because you never know what he’s gonna say, that’s the beauty of him having a live microphone.”

“We hit on just about everything, which seems to make people upset with certain things. But it’s like, if it’s news, we don’t operate within the realm of we have to live in a bubble of just our company.”

“If it’s news, if it’s out there, if it happened, it’s up for grabs. Obviously, if it’s tasteful. But, you know, we will touch on anything, and that’s the way it’s gonna continue to be, so get used to it.”

The Acclaimed have reignited their rivalry with Colten and Austin Gunn with “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn stuck in the middle.

Transcription via Chris Van Vliet

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