AEW Star Penelope Ford Returns From Injury

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

AEW Star Penelope Ford Returns From Injury AEW

An AEW star is finally returning from injury and getting back into in-ring competition after months of being out of action.

AEW star Penelope Ford returned to in-ring competition after over six months away from the ring after having been reportedly not medically cleared to wrestle.

She made her return at the taping for AEW Dark- Elevation where she had a match against Heather Reckless.

As we previously reported last month, when one fan on Twitter responded to one of Khan’s Tweets with an inquiry regarding Khan having “given up on Penelope Ford,” Khan responded to clarify her status, writing:

Not at all, total opposite in fact; she’s a great wrestler, and I can’t wait until she’s medically cleared to come back. She’s been in some classic @AEW matches, and hopefully she’ll be in many more!”

Penelope Ford is currently 2-0-0 in 2022, not including the yet to air match against Reckless filmed tonight.

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