AEW Star Says Praising MJF AEW Revolution Spot Is ‘Small D**k Energy’

2 weeks ago by Connel Rumsey

AEW Star Says Praising MJF AEW Revolution Spot Is ‘Small D**k Energy’ AEW

AEW held it’s Revolution pay-per-view event last Sunday, with an incredible main event considered one of the greatest matches in the history of the company.

During MJF’s AEW World Championship Iron Man match with Bryan Danielson, MJF retreated to the crowd, where he threw a beverage in the face of a child at ringside.

The child at ringside was reportedly not a plant, with the beverage thrown at them being tequila and not water as many believed.

AEW ended up taking the child backstage, where he was allowed to meet various AEW stars and be gifted free merchandise as a make good for the incident.

This moment has divided the wrestling fandom, with some defending MJF for simply ‘being a heel’, while others believe that the unplanned spot to a child was ‘too far’.

One AEW star who seems to fall in the latter category is former TNT Champion Scorpio Sky, who took to Twitter with a message to fans ‘celebrating’ the spot by saying:

I’ll say it if nobody else will, fans/media celebrating a kid being disrespected at a show is the smallest d**k energy imaginable.

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