AEW Star Recalls Texting Kofi Kingston Following His Squash Loss To Brock Lesnar

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AEW Star Recalls Texting Kofi Kingston Following His Squash Loss To Brock Lesnar WWE

An AEW star has recalled texting Kofi Kingston following his WWE Title squash loss to Brock Lesnar.

On October 4, 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown, Brock Lesnar defeated Kofi Kingston in 10 seconds to win the WWE Championship.

This crushing loss has been remembered by many fans as one of the most deflating moments in recent WWE history.

On the latest edition of his FTR podcast, AEW star Dax Harwood recalled that evening and him texting Kingston to say he was sorry for that happening to him. He said:

“I was very, very upset. I remember that I texted Kofi. Actually, it was a group text with the three of them, The New Day, and myself and Dan. I apologized to him and said, ‘I’m so sorry this happened to you, man.”

“We’re so upset. I can’t believe this is for real’, not because of obviously anything with Brock, but how much he had worked and how hard he had worked to get to this point.”

Dax continued on to explain about Kofi’s efforts to speak with Vince McMahon to make his championship run, saying:

“Dude, especially when we were working with him, with Randy, I saw him outside of Vince’s office or go into Vince’s office every single week to try to make things better, to try to make his championship run better.”

“He worked so hard to be a great champion. I think a lot of people, you know, maybe they think ‘Oh, man, his championship run wasn’t successful’ because, you know, whatever.”

“It wasn’t for lack of trying because I saw him every week, man, try his damnedest to make something of nothing and it broke all of our hearts, you know, the whole locker room.”

“It broke all of our hearts that that’s where the championship was being taken because, not anything to do with Brock, but because Kofi had worked so hard, and seeing someone work so hard for so long, to get this opportunity taken away from him.”

Kofi Kingston would never receive a rematch against Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship and returned to his role in the tag team division with The New Day following the loss.

As previously mentioned, Dax Harwood also discussed how much money he earned during his time on WWE’s main roster.

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