AEW Star Reveals Their Worst Fear In Wrestling

AEW Star Reveals Their Worst Fear In Wrestling

Everyone has something they are afraid of. Whether it be spiders, heights, the dark, there is a phobia for everyone. Now, AEW star Britt Baker has opened up about what her worst fear is.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Baker revealed that her biggest fear is going through the curtain and getting no reaction from fans. Luckily this has not been a problem for her early in her career. Here is the quote:

“I like getting any reaction from the fans. Whether they boo me or cheer me, it’s such an adrenaline rush. My biggest fear is I am going to come out through the tunnel and there will be silence. I love my relationship with the fans. So many people are jealous of me and my place in the women’s division. Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon.”

Britt Baker is currently scheduled to compete in the AEW Women’s Championship Eliminator Tournament. The winner of the tournament will receive a shot at Hikaru Shida and her title, a shot that Baker has not had since January 1, 2020.

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