AEW Star Santana Leaving The Company Soon?

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

AEW Star Santana Leaving The Company Soon? AEW

A current top AEW star may be set to leave the company this fall, if speculation it to be believed.

Santana and Ortiz signed with the company back at the All Out pay-per-view in 2019, and have been a mainstay in the tag team division since that day, at least up until recently.

Back in April, Santana tweeted out ‘126 days’, which led to September 1, which would be around the time that his AEW contract would expire. He also tweeted out ‘soon.’ this past Monday.

On the Fightful post-show review of Blood and Guts (around 56 minute mark), Sean Ross Sapp addressed speculation that there may be ongoing issues between Santana and Ortiz, noting that the pair don’t stand side by side in promos anymore, and barely interact on screen. They also haven’t taken part in a tag team match together since February.

It is important to note that this is simply speculation, and that none of this is actually being reported for a fact, but people have started the rumors based on these kinds of signs.

Santana suffered an injury during the Blood & Guts match, which is why he was not present at the end of the match. You can see a full list of all currently injured AEW stars here.

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