AEW Star Shares ‘Frustrating’ Injury Update

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

AEW Star Shares ‘Frustrating’ Injury Update AEW

Former AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa has provided an unfortunate injury update, admitting that her current situation is frustrating.

Rosa has been out of action since August, when she announced that she’d be taking some time away from the ring to recover from an injury.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Rosa noted that while she has tried to step back into the ring, she’s still in pain.

Discussing her current AEW Spanish commentary role, Rosa said:

“I’ve been going to AEW for over two months now. I’m doing commentary now. That’s my new position.

“Again, I’m going to talk about my injury. I’m not cleared. I have not been cleared. There’s more things that have happened in the last couple weeks. I’ve gotten in the ring.

“Unfortunately, that pain is still there and it’s very frustrating because I want to get in the ring and I want to do what I do best, that is, you know, wrestle and to get that opportunity again, if life gives me that opportunity to be able to do things.

“I know there’s been a lot of controversy in the last couple of weeks and Thunder Rosa has been trending on Twitter, which I don’t know because I don’t use Twitter, but I get constant messages from my friends that I am number one trending on Sunday night.

“It’s just so weird. I know we have All Access, which has stirred a lot of the stuff that I tried to put aside because it was very painful.”

Rosa originally stepped away from the ring as AEW Women’s Champion, and Toni Storm became the interim women’s titleholder in her absence. After Jamie Hayter defeated Storm for the gold in November, Rosa relinquished her title, and the interim reigns were retroactively made official reigns.

Addressing the decision to initially crown an interim champion, Thunder Rosa said:

“First and foremost, I want to make sure that people understand that at the beginning of all this drama, everybody was speculating that I wasn’t hurt. It started with that.

“Then it was proven that I was hurt. There’s MRIs. They talked to my doctor. I had multiple epidurals and until now, I’m still not cleared. I had another MRI last week, and the pain is still there.

“Third of all, me personally, I wanted to drop the title the day that they told me I couldn’t wrestle because I was gonna be out for four to six weeks.

“My boss made a decision. He said, ‘You are going to be the champion and we will have an interim champion.’ I wanted to make it, for me as a competitor, I wanted to make it fair so my peers had an opportunity to defend the championship because it wasn’t fair that I wasn’t there, and I wasn’t going to be there, and I was going to hold the title.

“I think a question that was raised was me not showing up. I wasn’t booked to go there. When I got the news that I wasn’t gonna keep the title, it really caught me by surprise, like, ‘Oh, today is the day.’ I wasn’t able to go.

“I wasn’t there to be able to get in the ring and say, ‘Guys, unfortunately, we made a decision. Here’s the title. Thank you very much for the opportunity to let me represent.’ That opportunity wasn’t given to me.”

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We continue to wish Rosa a safe and healthy recovery.

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