Top AEW Star Suffers Broken Leg

Top AEW Star Suffers Broken Leg AEW

A top AEW star has suffered a broken leg at the company’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view, as confirmed via a new post on social media.

During the closing moments of Adam Copeland’s Barbed Wire Steel Cage match with Malakai Black, the Rated R Superstar performed a terrifying elbow drop off the top of the cage down to Black – who was laying flat on a table.

However, upon landing Copeland seemed to land predominantly on his feet, leaving to concern from fans afterwards regarding his injury status.

And sadly Copeland has now taken to Twitter to confirm that he has in fact fractured his tibia (shin bone) following Sunday’s match.

Posting a video announcing the news Copeland announced that he will require surgery, which he confirmed he would update people on when he knows the exact timeframe.

Copeland said:

“Double or Nothing, flew back yesterday. Malakai Black, dude is an animal all the House of Black are just really, really, really damn good. And as you’re about to find out in this video, I guess the house always does win because I gained two new friends (shows crutches). I don’t really like them, they’re like those two buddies that just annoy you but they’re always there. Maybe I’ll name them Brody and Buddy or something (laughs).

Anyway, I’ve been feeling really good lately, having so much fun in the ring and I got cocky I guess is what it really boils down to… But yeah, my brain forgets what my body always seems to remember a little late is that I’m 50 and I need to make better choices, so my body pulled the emergency break on me the other night.

“I ended up fracturing my tibia which is going to require surgery. I don’t know the timeframe on that yet. Ruby’s birthday is Friday and I really want to enjoy that and focus on all the positives that I have in my life, because there’s way more that than the bad. And even this surgery, I know what I’ve got to do, I’ll find out the timeframe next week and everything.”

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It’s not yet known what AEW will decide to do with Copeland’s TNT Championship following this injury announcement, or the timescale of his return to the ring.

WrestleTalk wishes Copeland a safe and healthy recovery and will provide updates as/when they become available.

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