AEW Star Thinks He Should Get Royalties For WWE Network Matches

AEW Star Thinks He Should Get Royalties For WWE Network Matches

Given that there is so much content on the WWE Network, it is strange to think that those who wrestled the matches are not paid royalties for their appearances. This was recently brought up by one of AEW’s biggest stars, Chris Jericho.

Jericho discussed not being paid by WWE during his Talk is Jericho podcast with Andrew Yang. He related it to the residual checks he still gets from doing the movie MacGruber back in 2010. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“This has to change and it’s no ill will towards WWE. The fact that they can show all of my matches on their Network that people pay for and I don’t get a dime of royalty, it makes no sense. That’s not how normal business, normal entertainment, and the normal world works. I did ‘MacGruber’ ten years ago and was in it for two minutes. I still get residual checks. It’s not a lot, $20, $15, $50, but I’m still getting residuals from being on that movie. Here I am with probably 100 matches on the Network and getting nothing. I don’t see the fairness in that.”

Jericho wrestled for WWE from 1999 until 2005 and then again off and on until 2017. He now competes for All Elite Wrestling after signing with the company in 2019.

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