AEW Star Toni Storm Admits She Nearly Retired From Wrestling

1 year ago by Andy Datson

AEW Star Toni Storm Admits She Nearly Retired From Wrestling WWE

Toni Storm will go down as one of the biggest wasted opportunities WWE ever had, and will now hopefully go down as one of the best pieces of business AEW ever did.

Storm left WWE at the end of December after a disappointing feud with Charlotte Flair, and once her 90-day non-compete clause expired, she debuted for AEW, defeating the Bunny in a qualification match for the Owen Hart Women’s Tournament.

Speaking on the latest AEW Road To, Storm admitted she recently considered retiring from wrestling completely.

“Recently, I planned on retiring from the wrestling industry, which is something I never considered in my entire life. I’ve put my entire life into becoming the best professional wrestler I could be. I lost that part of myself and it brought on a lot of feelings of emptiness and sadness that I can’t even describe. I travelled the entire world to be good at this. Just like Owen Hart did. AEW is home to the best women’s division on the planet. I just qualified for the Owen Hart women’s tournament. For the first time ever, I can truly say that I am home.”

Alongside her AEW contract, Storm is also making a lot of money from her OnlyFans page which she recently started. Storm made tens of thousands of dollars in her first day of having an account.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription.

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