AEW Stars React To Ric Flair WWE Release

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

AEW Stars React To Ric Flair WWE Release

Some notable AEW stars have reacted to the news that came out yesterday of Ric Flair being released from his WWE contract.

The first of these is Evil Uno, who poked fun at the fact that, every time someone is released, a load of people suggest whoever it is should be the new leader of the Dark Order.

He tweeted:

Ric Flair should join Dark Order.

For real though. Let’s party Wooooo Man!

In response to this, Uno’s fellow Dark Order member Colt Cabana simply replied: “Pass”.

Another man who responded to Flair’s WWE departure was his classic rival Sting, who tweeted a clip of them in action together along with: “WOOO!!!”.

It’s well-known that Flair and Tony Khan are very good friends, so the likelihood of him going to AEW in some capacity does seem pretty high.

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