Update On AEW Exclusive Streaming Partnership

Update On AEW Exclusive Streaming Partnership AEW

There has been an update on All Elite Wrestling and their streaming partnerships to air AEW around the globe.

An update from AEW about how fans in several countries will be able to watch AEW shows.

AEW released a statement reading:

“To our fans in Mexico, South America, Central America and the Caribbean… we want to thank you for watching AEW on Space. We hope you’ve enjoyed the amazing action. However, we have an update to share. As of September 30, AEW content will no longer be available
on Space, with the exception of Brazil.”

“Starting October 1, you can continue watching AEW programming on “AEW Plus.” AEW Plus will exclusively stream all of AEW’s weekly shows including AEW Dynamite, AEW Rampage, AEW Dark, AEW Dark: Elevation and Battle of the Belts.”

Next week is a big week for AEW with the celebration of National Scissoring Day on the anniversary of AEW Dynamite as well as live editions of AEW Rampage and the AEW special, Battle of the Belts.

You can read about one match that has already been announced for AEW Battle of the Belts by clicking here.

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12 months ago by Amanda Savage



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